Group Golf Clinics at Chicago Style Golf

  • Group Clinics cost $29 per person per class
    • Each class must consist of at least two students but no more than four
    • This is great for couples and golfing buddies
    • Classes are good for Beginners through Advanced players (tour players need not apply)
  • Each Clinic will last 45 minutes 
  • Clinics are offered on demand Tuesday through Saturday 11am until 7pm 
    • Call 312-291-8441 to sign up for classes
  • Weekends & Weekday evenings are the most popular times and fill up fast.  
  • We offer three different classes but your are free to choose any class that you think will help your game the most: 
          • Full Swing 
          • Short Game 
          • Putting
          • Club fitting/Swing Evaluation



Click here for more information…

Chicago Style Golf offers group golf clinics five days a week.  A full swing clinic (with emphasis on your driver), a short game clinic (geared for your scoring clubs) and a putting clinic (based on the proper ways to throw your putter after a bad round…and how to improve you putting stroke).

Golf is a funny game and everyone can benefit from a tweak in the full swing, especially ones driver swing.  Add that tweak to a short game clinic, on how to improve your short game with the scoring clubs, and you have a pretty big improvement happening out on the golf course.

Add one more clinic to improve your putting stroke with the old flat stick, and you have your self one helpful little trifecta of golf knowledge that will keep your after round drinks coming for free.

Each clinic will be 45 minutes long, water and pop will be provided and we do encourage BYOB.  The classes are in a group setting but we are looking for 2-4 persons max (and we are really shooting for groups of two or three).  Clinics will be offered on weekdays in the afternoons and evenings and weekends starting at 11am and 12pm or in the evening after 6pm. You must preregister for each class by email or by phone.  We can accommodate other times, but it is on a per clinic basis.

****The classes work best when you sign up in groups of two or three.  You and the Mrs can take a group lesson together  or you and two buddies can work on winning your fourths money at your weekly golf game.  When you sign up with two or more people we can accommodate more times and we are sure to have enough to fill the class.  We do take singles though…

Please call in to find out if we have availability, but we try to accommodate everyone.  We must have at least two people per class, so call in and find out if your desired time is open.

For more information on Chicago Style Golfs Group Clinics please feel free to email us at or give us a call at 312-291-8441 during normal business hours.

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