Golf in Motion Premier Studio Private Lesson


Chicago Style Golf is proud to partner up with Golf in Motion and its owner/founder Tim Overman.  Tim has been in and around the golf industry for over 20 years, and has been exclusively giving private golf lessons now for seven years (he is up over 10,000 lessons).  Tim has worked for major golf retailers and golf equipment companies, he worked at Mizuno Golf as their tour fitting rep, and he has honed all of those skills to help improve your golf game.

Golf in Motion’s philosophy on golf instruction is key body kinesthetic learning or biomechanics.  Kinesthetic learning (also known as tactile learning) is a learning style in which learning takes place by the student carrying out a physical activity, rather than listening to a lecture or watching a demonstration. People with a preference for kinesthetic learning are also commonly known as “do-ers”.  This combined with the study of the human body (biomechanics) is a unique, efficient and effective teaching style.

Golf is a difficult game, but Tim’s approach with kinesthetic learning and biomechanics has a way of explaining the finer points of golf to players of all levels (begginers to advanced players alike) without over complicating the golf swing.  Golf in Motions science based teaching methods is a safe and efficient way to teach the golf swing.

Golf in Motion private personal golf lessons range from $75 – $120 per hour depending on which package you purchase, and include swing evaluation, video web lessons, studio time, as well as scientific method of teaching with golf’s latest technology.  Tim offers on course lessons as well as indoor studio time.

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